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Jamabandi Punjab, Fard Jamabandi Punjab Online , Punjab Land Record, Fard Request and Fard Request Status Online check

Jamabandi Punjab - A portal launched by the State Government of Punjab to facilitate their Citizens so that they can check their Land records or other revenue related works online from their home. One can access this Jamabandi Punjab portal from anywhere and at any time. There is no need to visit the State Government Revenue Department for land related works or other documents, one can perform all these tasks online via this portal. Jamabandi Punjab portal also named as PLRS i.e Punjab Land Record Society. Jamabandi Punjab - Services one can avail on Jamabandi Punjab Portal:- One can avail various services related to their land on this portal, few of them are as follows:- Mutation Status Check Jamabandi Mutation Mutation Status After registry Online Fard Request Fard Request Status Roznamcha Nakal Verification Property Tax Reguster Cadastral Map Registry Deed Copy Attestation Water/Sewerage Connection Status Integrated Property Jamabandi Punjab - Online Jamabandi Check Procedure:- Visi

hamraaz app 6.52 download latest version, hamraaz App, how to open payslip in hamraaz app

Hamraaz App is a unique android app which was designed for Indian Army by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology. The main motive behind the execution of this hamraaz app is to help the Indian Army Soldiers to track their Appointments, Promotions and even they can check and download the Salary Payslip through this Hamraaz App.In this article, we are going to discuss each and every aspects of Hamraaz app, how to download the hamraaz app, how to download hamraaz app apk file, how to open the payslip in hamraaz app etc. Also we will let you know about the latest version of this hamraaz app i.e hamraaz app 6.52 download latest Version.

Hamraaz App :-

The Government of India has released an android Application for the Indian Soldiers and named it as "Hamraaz app". The Hamraaz app is completely an android smartphone application developed by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology with an aim to serve the India Army Soldiers in a better way. With the help of this Hamraaz app, soldiers can check their payslips,check their promotions and appointments.

The best part of this app is that it supports the other army app like Armaan Army App. For now, this hamraaz app is developed exclusively only for Android users, iOS users still have to wait for this hamraaz app. The hamraaz app is completely free and there is no any hidden charges. This app is designed only for Indian Soldiers , common men can not use this hamraaz app. As the app is not available on Google Play store, you can download the app by visiting the official website of Government i.e

Hamraaz App 6.52 Download Latest Version:-

If you are looking for downloading the latest version of Hamraaz App, follow the below steps:-

  • Visit the official Government Website i.e
  • Click on Humraaz App option.
  • You will be directed to download page.

  • Click on download button to download the Hamraaz App on your device.
  • Once the file downlaoded, open it and click on it to install on your device.

Benefits of Hamraaz App:-
  • Track the daily Routines and Schedules.
  • Payslip Download.
  • Manage Leaves.
  • Appointments and Promotions Track
  • Service Records History Check.

Hamraaz App Sign Up Process:-
  • Once the app installed on your device, you can register on this app.
  • Open the Hamraaz app.
  • Click on Sign Up button.
  • You will be asked to enter the PAN Number.
  • Please make sure your mobile number must be linked to aadhaar number as you will get a one time password on your mobile number for verification purpose.
  • Authenticate the OTP you receives once the Aadhaar PAN entered.
  • Fill other details asked and Create the password.
  • Click on Submit Button.

How to Open Payslip in Hamraaz App:-

To open the Payslip in hamraaz app, you have to enter the 8 digit alphanumeric password. The password is a combination of your PAN Card Number and Your enrollment date. Suppose Your PAN Card Number is ABFRC8764N and your enrolled date is 26th August then your Payslip open password will be ABFR2608. Enter this password and your Hamraaz Payslip will open on your screen.

Hamraaz App Customer Care Number:-

If you are facing any issue while using this Hamraaz App, then you can contact to helpline number given below:-

Hamraaz App Helpline Number - 9560641424