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Jamabandi Punjab, Fard Jamabandi Punjab Online , Punjab Land Record, Fard Request and Fard Request Status Online check

Jamabandi Punjab - A portal launched by the State Government of Punjab to facilitate their Citizens so that they can check their Land records or other revenue related works online from their home. One can access this Jamabandi Punjab portal from anywhere and at any time. There is no need to visit the State Government Revenue Department for land related works or other documents, one can perform all these tasks online via this portal. Jamabandi Punjab portal also named as PLRS i.e Punjab Land Record Society. Jamabandi Punjab - Services one can avail on Jamabandi Punjab Portal:- One can avail various services related to their land on this portal, few of them are as follows:- Mutation Status Check Jamabandi Mutation Mutation Status After registry Online Fard Request Fard Request Status Roznamcha Nakal Verification Property Tax Reguster Cadastral Map Registry Deed Copy Attestation Water/Sewerage Connection Status Integrated Property Jamabandi Punjab - Online Jamabandi Check Procedure:- Visi

Ultimatix App TCS, Ultimatix App Download, https // app download

A unique has been introduced for the applicants who work under Tata Consultancy Service and it was named as "Ultimatix App". If you are working in Tata Consultancy Service, then this Ultimatix App is mandatory for you. In this article we will discuss each and every point related to this Ultimatix App like How to Login on Ultimatix App, Procedure to download the Ultimatix App, Features and Applications of this app and so many aspects about this app.

Ultimatix App TCS 2021:-

The Ultimatix App TCS was executed with an aim to handled the services like Timesheet, Human Resource Services, Employees Salaries and many more such services. As its name sound i.e Ultimatix App TCS, its clear that its a part of Tata Consultancy Service. We all know that TCS has a very good name and respect in Market and its Offer a strong and efficient method to manage all the things.TCS Employees can also use the Ultimatix App TCS to handle the TCS Business Resource Planning by installing the Ultimatix App TCS on their Android Smartphones or iOS.We all know that TCS is very big firm and has a significant number of staff. This Ultimatix App TCS will help in managing the services and help in clearing the complications in the system.

Ultimatix App 2021:-

With the help of Ultimatix App TCS, Employees can check their Timesheet. The Ultimatix App TCS is a Supreme Smartphone Application or Software for employees to conveniently fix their problems or issues. Many of the Office Staff face certain difficulties in the business and to get rid out of these issues, this Ultimatix App TCS Platform has been introduces by Tata Consultancy Service.

Features of Ultimatix App TCS:-

There are lots of features and applications in-built in this Ultimatix App TCS. We are going to discuss some important features available in Ultimatix App TCS which are useful for TCS Employees:-

1) TCS Employees can check or track their Time Sheet via this Ultimatix App TCS.

2) Ultimatix App TCS will allows you to check and download the Salary Slip from the Portal.

3) You will also get an option to track your leaves.

4) There is a separate section for Management where the confidential things like Employees Performance, Promotions and Salary increment details are available.

5) With the help of Ultimatix App TCS, You can retrieve the information about other candidates. 

6) If there is any opening in other departments, you can easily apply for that position with the help of this Ultimatix App TCS.

7) Even you will get an option to apply for International Jobs via this Portal.

8) Ultimatix App helps in managing the HR Services, Employees Salaries and ,many such tasks.

Ultimatix App Download 2021:-

You are looking for Ultimatix App TCS and want to download the same, follow the below simple steps:-

  • Visit the Google Play Store or Apple Store.
  • Search for Ultimatix App TCS.
  • Tap the App from the search result.
  • Click on Install button to download the Ultimatix App TCS.
  • Once Installed, open the app.
  • You will now be instructed to enter few information.
  • Create the Password.
  • Enjoy the services offered under Ultimatix App TCS.

How to Reset the Username and Password for Ultimatix App TCS?

Ultimatix App TCS gives you an option to retrieve your Username and Password. Follow the below easy steps to get your Username and Password.

1) Visit the official website of Ultimatix App TCS i.e

2) Click on "Need Help" option.

3) A new web page will open on your screen:-

4) Choose the First One i.e Forgot Username/Password?

5) As soon as you click on that option, you will be directed to below page.

6) On this page, you will be instructed to click on the link given to reset the Username and Password.

7) Click on the Link Given.

8) Below page will open on your scree.

9) Choose the appropriate option and create your Password or Username.

Ultimatix App TCS Helpline Number :-

You can contact to Helpline Number if you have any doubts and issues related to this Ultimatix App TCS.

Toll Free Number for India - 1800-425-4827

Email Support -