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Jamabandi Punjab, Fard Jamabandi Punjab Online , Punjab Land Record, Fard Request and Fard Request Status Online check

Jamabandi Punjab - A portal launched by the State Government of Punjab to facilitate their Citizens so that they can check their Land records or other revenue related works online from their home. One can access this Jamabandi Punjab portal from anywhere and at any time. There is no need to visit the State Government Revenue Department for land related works or other documents, one can perform all these tasks online via this portal. Jamabandi Punjab portal also named as PLRS i.e Punjab Land Record Society. Jamabandi Punjab - Services one can avail on Jamabandi Punjab Portal:- One can avail various services related to their land on this portal, few of them are as follows:- Mutation Status Check Jamabandi Mutation Mutation Status After registry Online Fard Request Fard Request Status Roznamcha Nakal Verification Property Tax Reguster Cadastral Map Registry Deed Copy Attestation Water/Sewerage Connection Status Integrated Property Jamabandi Punjab - Online Jamabandi Check Procedure:- Visi

Mee Bhoomi Portal | Land Records Information | AP Land Records

The Government of Andhra Pradesh has launched a web portal named as "Mee Bhoomi Portal".  Citizens of the Andhra Pradesh can use this portal to get the information of their Land. The Mee Bhoomi Portal have their own record database and one can avail his/her land information on this portal.

The State Government has enforced this portal so that citizens of the state can avail the benefits without getting any problem. The Portal is very convenient to use.

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How to check ROR 1-B Record on Mee Bhoomi Portal:-

If you want to check your ROR 1-B Record on Mee Bhoomi Portal, follow the below steps:-

  • Choose the option " Your 1-b" under 1-b option and click on it.
  • As soon as you click on this option, below page will open in front of you.

  • You will see 5 steps on the above page i.e 1) Survey No. 2) Account Number 3) Aadhaar Number 4) Name of Graduate 5) Automation Records.
  • You can search your 1-b record by follow any one step.
  • Choose any one step and fill the required details i.e District, Zone, Village and Security Code.
  • Once done with all the details, go to "Click" button.
  • Your ROR 1-b record has been displayed on your screen.

Adangal Check on Mee Bhoomi Land Record Portal:-

If you want to check your Adangal on Mee Bhoomi Land Record Portal, Follow the below steps:-
  • Visit the official website.
  • Select the "Adangal" option the homepage of the web portal.
  • Choose "Your Adangal" option under the "Adangal" section, you will be redirected to below page.

  • As you did earlier while checking your ROR 1-b record, Choose one from the above steps i.e 1) Survey Number 2) Account Number 3) Aadhaar Number 4) Automation Records.
  • Choose the one steps and Fill all the details in that one i.e District Name, Zone Name and Village Name.
  • Fill the Security Code.
  • Go to "Click" button.
  • Your "Adangal" record will appear on your screen.

Aadhaar Link to Mee Bhoomi Land Record :-

If some one wants to link his/her Aadhaar Card to Mee Bhoomi Lhand Record, he/she can do it easily with the help of this web portal.
  • Visit the official website.
  • On the homepage, choose the "Aadhaar/Other Identities" option.
  • Select the first option i.e "Aadhaar Linking" under the "Aadhar /Other Identities" section.
  • A new web page will open in front of you.

  • Fill the details asked above and click the "Click" button.
  • Your Aadhaar Card has now linked to your Land Record.
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Other services you can avail on Mee Bhoomi Land Record Portal:-